The event was focused on the issue of migration and the european federalists’ perspective, and it was composed by:
– a debate (16.00h-18.30h) with the participation of the mayor of Ventimiglia, JEF-Italy, UEF-Ventimiglia, JEF-Nice, UEF-France, two members of the Italian Parliaments and representatives of other organizations (Common Borders, Radicals, ALDE, ARCI, AICCRE). I briefly spoke during this part of the event. My greetings lasted a couple of minutes. There is a video of them (unfortunately, it’s incomplete): – I attach the translation of my contribution at the bottom of this email;
– a street action nearby the building where the migrants are hosted (some of them also participated to the action).
Overall, more than 120 people, among which about 40 activists of JEF-Italy coming from Abruzzo, Latium, Tuscany, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna and Liguria, participated to the debate and more than 50 people participated to the street action. You can see some pictures here:

I’m available for any further clarification.



[before the video] I’m bringing the greetings of the Executive Board of JEF-Europe, which is the European level of the Young European Federalists and helps the national and local branches of our organization in the fight for the European federation, since …

… this is a fight that has not to be fought only in Italy or France or Germany, but it has to be fought throughout whole Europe and not only within the EU. Therefore, our aim is to try coordinating the work of all this young people who commit themselves for this battle – and for us local sections’ commitment is fundamental. Thus, a big thanks from us goes to the national section, JEF-Italy, and to the local sections which contributed to the development of this action. Of course, I’m not here to give a political opinion since there will be plenty of them very soon [we were invited just for a greeting and the debate with the invited speakers was about to start], but I’d like to underline that we should make sure that the whole civil society in Europe is aware that some issues – like immigration – are issues that develop themselves at international, European level and thus they need to be solved at that level. It’s useless thinking about going back to nationalism, because going back to nationalism would mean neglecting reality, neglecting the World that unfolds itself under our eyes in these days, a World that goes inevitably towards a total globalization and therefore we need to give a government to this globalization and for us the federal solution at the European level is the only possible solution. It’s not a caprice, it’s a real necessity. Said that, I thank you for your attention and I wish a pleasant debate to everyone. Thanks.