What follows is my workplan as elected member of the Executive Board of the Young European Federalists for the period 2015-2017. In few words: what I’d like to do for the organization in these two years.

Field: communications

what? why?
Development of a model or template of recruitment campaign Support for sections who are in trouble with recruitment
Development of a new communication strategy: could Instagram be the social network to bet on, on the next future? Social networks are widespread, we should maximize and optimize our presence there
Development of new forms of visual communication: infographics? Communication is faster and faster, and we should be able to communicate our main messages within seconds with just an image. Infographics could be the way for being fast but not shallow
Turning some resolutions in petitions on change.org or similar Resolutions analyze problems and propose solutions – petitions do more or less the same. We could turn some resolutions into petitions in order to spread our proposals elsewhere and measuring directly civil society’s support towards them
Implementing the merchandising project If it’ll be successful, it’ll be a great way to spread our visual identity
Improving TNF, asking sections to create “local editorial staff” in order to involve every section in the project TNF is one of the most successfully established means of communications outsidewards

Field: finances and fundraising

what? why?
Development of guidelines for exploiting calls for funding at European level (e.g.: Erasmus+) Creation of guidelines and spreading of best practices. Final aim: making sure that every section is able to apply for national or European funds
Asking to each section to study how public funding work in their Country
Implementing the merchandising project It could be the easiest way to diversify our funding

Field: education and training

what? why?
Development of educational materials about federalism, European policies, etc The knowledge of federalism (federalist ideas and proposals) is the basis for our activists; we should make sure that every activist has access to an organic and organized set of resources about this topic
Creation of a pool of trainers
Improving of “JEF training days”

Field: technical

what? why?
Development of an intranet for political discussions Currently the political discussions take place almost exclusively on Facebook (open only to the ones who have registered a profile), on fragmented groups

Field: political discussion

what? why?
Stimulating political discussions on regular basis (e.g., weekly) Currently, debate is poor, seldom and fragmented. Having an effective debate is the key for a successful political production
Publishing a report, every 6 months, on Europe’s issues and federalist proposals to solve them Summing up our proposals in an organic analysis document could help spreading our ideas, also acting as a reference also outside JEF